Sarah Camp our resident Blogger has written about, the phrase 'maths everywhere', one that was mentioned on a West Sussex County Council Course she attended many years ago.

Sarah says – the course discussed continuous provision and the thought that rather than zoning all the resources, everything was interwoven naturally around the room. From the minute a child is welcomed into nursery and bonds are formed with familiar adults, learning begins. The breakfast table is maybe an unlikely learning location but actually it provides every one of the 7 areas of learning! Mathematics is one area that doesn't always come naturally to practitioners, but the breakfast table provides a wealth of opportunity. So....

Would you like some more?

Your bowl is nearly empty!

How many weetabix have you had?

Wow, there is lots of children having breakfast today. How many can you see? Let's count 8, 2 more and we would be? 10!

Here at Kamelia Kids Day Nursery and Beach School… we practice sign language at the table. As well as maths, teaching children manners happens instinctively. Commonly used Makaton includes, please, thank you, more and finished.

Chatting about home experiences is also inciteful…

What's your favourite breakfast at home?  

Do you like porridge? pancakes? Etc.

We could even include some new choices after asking the opinion of our children. Would it help a child come into nursery if they had their favourite blueberries with pink yogurt?

Sarah’s conclusion is rather than putting all the maths resources in one zone or area, put them where they are most relevant. For example, numbered ducks with animals, shape beanbags outside next to buckets for target practice, loose part numbered discs anywhere, so they can be used to transport or as food in the home corner kitchen or just to order and sequence.

A few ideas of activities that involve maths…

Use chalk to write numbers outside. A great activity is to use a tuff tray and ask children to paint out with water a particular number, for recognition fun!

Get children to be number detective's and go on a number hunt, inside or outside.

Put numbers on bikes and trikes and draw a car park on the ground, matching bikes with numbered spaces.

Sing maths songs and make maths props. 5 current buns, 5 speckled frogs, 5 little ducks, 10 monkeys jumping on the bed.

Ask children to help lay the table and collect a specific number of cups, plates and cutlery

And of course, have fun and LOVE MATHS ❤️

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