Our Curriculum

Play is at the core of learning, together with play-based experiences we have designed our curriculum to encourage children to learn, develop and flourish through exploring, experiencing, creating, discovering, relating to, and interacting with the world around them.

Each child’s needs and interests are different, so our educators use their professional judgement to understand what children know, what they can do, and what to do next to support and extend development and learning. In their day-to-day interactions with children, educators will respond to their own day-to-day observations about children’s progress and the observations that parents and carers share.

Assessment plays an important part in helping educators to recognise children’s progress, understand their needs, and to plan experiences and activities that support children to move forward. Ongoing informative assessment involves educators knowing children’s level of achievement and interest, and then shaping teaching and learning experiences for each child reflecting that knowledge.

Our curriculum is guided by the four overarching principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Children at Kamelia Kids learn:

Unique child
Positive relationships
Enabling environments
Learning and developing

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