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Kamelia Kids recently began a new chapter when Suzanne Charlesworth was welcomed at the nursery, taking over the role of Nursery Manager.  She is a highly respected Early Years' professional with a BA Hons Childhood and Youth Studies Degree, a Diploma in Teaching QTLS and an Assessor Award and many years' experience in the Early Years sector.  She has also undertaken Lecturer and Assessor roles at both Northbrook College and Brighton and Hove City College.  Suzanne's most recent post has been as Nursery Manager of a busy nursery in Hove.  Suzanne says, 'I am delighted to be joining the Kamelia Kids team and am looking forward to an exciting and rewarding challenge that can utilise my skills, knowledge and abilities.'


We Play  We ExploreWe Learn – We Develop

Playing is central to the well-being and development of a child.  When children play, they are building imagination, developing their language and reading skills, strengthening physical skills and enhancing their self-esteem as well as gaining self-control and solving problems.

Children are the masters of exploration and investigation, showing a curiosity about their environment. These skills are an important factor in learning about themselves, how to think, form friendships and social skills and exploring the world in which they live.

Areas and objects can spark a child’s curiosity and allow them to use a range of senses to investigate. Children discover that learning and exploring can be fun. This leads them to gain knowledge and experience, mastering new found skills which helps support their development further.



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Our Mission

At Kamelia Kids we provide an inclusive, safe, stimulating and welcoming environment where according to their individual needs, children are given opportunities to become competent learners and to flourish in all areas of their development, through play, exploration and active and creative experiences indoors and out, including our local beaches. We are dedicated to supporting families and assisting in giving every child the best possible start in their schooling, so that they may reach their potential and be the best they can be.

“It is our mission to enable young children to thrive in a learning and caring environment; encourage parent partnership and active participation to optimise the child’s growth and development to reach their full potential. We will accomplish our mission by being an informed, innovative and responsible early year’s provider by providing the facilities and services needed to build on the child's early experiences gained at home.”

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Our Prospectus

The Early Years Foundation Stage is the curriculum for all nurseries and pre-schools registered with Ofsted. This curriculum not only sets the educational criteria for the learning and development of babies and children up to the age of five years but also shapes the high standards of practice.

The framework aims to ensure all children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe. Children develop quickly in the early years and early years practitioners aim to do all they can to help children have the best possible start in life.

Our nursery reflects the following four themes of the EYFS underpinning all the guidance to ensure that each child has an opportunity to interact in positive relationships and enabling environments;

If you would like a Kamelia Kids Prospectus for more information – you can download a copy of our prospectus here




 "My child has thoroughly enjoyed going to Kamelia Kids.  He is so excited to go and sad on days that he does not have the nursery.  He is engaging with children of his own age much more frequestnly now and his vocubulary, speech and sentence structure have all come on significantly since starting there." - Kamelia Kids Parent

"My daughter has become the most incredible confident child with a wonderful infectious smile, who is now able to interact with other children and make friends." -Kamelia Kids Parent

"I look at my little boy and I can't believe the progress he has made in the last few years.  He has come so far.  He has struggled sometimes and had his problems to overcome.  I truly believe that without you guys and the amzing work you do, he wouldn't be where he is today.  We will forever be grateful." - Kamelia Kids Parent

" My son has complex needs, however every time we drop him off and pick him up he's always beaming smiles.  It's lovely to hear how the other children respond to him, he shows excitement and interest.  All the staff who have looked after him have been so supportive to both him and parents.  Overall, we are really happy with his progress during his time at Kamelia Kids."  - Kamelia Kids Parent


"My daughter is 2.5 and has been going since she was 8months. They are brilliant! She has such a good time. The staff are amazing and so lovely. They are really helpful when you’re settling in and so understanding. They’ve put up with my sobbing on many occasions! My second little one is due to start in June. Her development has been awesome and I put a lot of that down them. -Kamelia Kids Parent

"My kids are 2 and 4 and attend there. My 2yr old is thriving. She didn't say much when she started, can’t shut her up now. Talking, signing, wanting to play more, they're so good with her. My son loves it too, he gets to play outside and go in the soft play almost every day. He made friends there so quickly too. -Kamelia Kids Parent


"Thank you for everything you have done , not just for our Maisy-Leigh but for us as a family.  Thank you for helping our little girl to come as far as she has and always believing in her!  You as a nursery are truly amazing and without you guys we don't think Maisy-Leigh would be where she is now!  Thank you for supporting our family through the good and the bad and just for doing your very best for our little girl.  We will forever be thankful and will miss you all very very much!"  Hayleigh, Luke and Maisy-Leigh

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