Welcome from Suzanne - Nursery Operations Director

Children and their families are at the heart of everything we do at Kamelia Kids. We know that the first 5 years of a child’s life impacts upon their future development and learning. 

Supported by our highly skilled and experienced nursery team we are proud to be to deliver high quality childcare.

Our learning and development curriculum provides an inclusive environment in which children’s natural curiosity is ignited and nurtured. Our aim is to provide excellence in childcare, to nurture, motivate, inspire, and challenge children, to enhance their development and education in a safe, secure, and stimulating environment where creativity and fascination with endless possibilities for learning are boundless.

Kamelia Kids has been operating for over 40 years and is a not-for-profit charity run nursery. Our charitable status strongly influences our values and our holistic approach to childcare. As a charity, our trustee's role is primarily strategic, to monitor the financial performance, management, and quality assurance processes within the organisation. All monies received go to benefit the children attending the nursery.

We take nothing for granted and are committed to constantly monitoring, evaluating, and improving our standards of care and education.

Please see our video on YouTube link that gives you an insight to what we offer. Kamelia Kids

Home Learning Environment

There has been an increased focus on the important role parents and carers play in supporting learning at home. The home learning environment is a combination of the physical home and the positive relationships and talk within it, that support a child’s natural curiosity, learning and development. This includes opportunities to play, interact with books and objects, and the everyday experiences to help them make sense of their world.  Please visit our Policies page for more information.

We Play  We ExploreWe Learn – We Develop

Playing is central to the well-being and development of a child.

When children play, they are building imagination, developing their language and reading skills, strengthening physical skills and enhancing their self-esteem as well as gaining self-control and solving problems.

Children are the masters of exploration and investigation, showing a curiosity about their environment. These skills are an important factor in learning about themselves, how to think, form friendships and social skills and exploring the world in which they live.

Areas and objects can spark a child’s curiosity and enable them to use a range of senses to investigate. Children discover that learning and exploring can be fun. This leads them to gain knowledge and experience, mastering newfound skills which helps support their development further.

Our Mission...

'To provide an inclusive, safe, stimulating and welcoming environment where, according to their individual needs, children are given opportunities to flourish in all areas of their development, through play, exploration and active and creative experiences in and outdoors.'

Our Vision...

'Children have a right to opportunities that develop them as competent learners in a secure, caring and inspiring environment.'


Testimonials - what our parents say...

"Kamelia kids has been such a huge support to our daughter’s development. My daughter has global developmental delay alongside a brain condition and epilepsy. The staff at Kamelia Kids are brilliant! They are confident in dealing with her needs and the parent partnership is amazing! Sarah, Deputy Manager and Special Education Needs and Disability Coordinator (SENDCo) shows true love for her role and is committed and dedicated in ensuring my daughter gets the full support she needs. The nursery organise specialist agency support to come and see her in the setting and detailed feedback is given following these sessions. The staff are fully trained. Suzanne, the Nursery Manager ensures that this remains current and fully supports additional staff training to benefit specific needs of the children in her care. I know that when she attends the nursery, I do not have to worry. The progression she has made since attending Kamelia Kids is great and we are so happy with the nursery. We would highly recommend this nursery to anyone looking."   

Kamelia Kids Parent - December 2020

"This nursery has the most caring and compassionate staff. My little boy has so many opportunities attending Kamelia Kids and is so happy there. The staff have such a passion for their work and this is clear from the handovers and support they give the children. The nursery supports families as a unit without judgement and go above and beyond in all aspects. The facilities are phenomenal and the nursery is kept in such a clean and safe condition. Food is varied, nutritious and interesting. All children are treated as individuals and given all they need to thrive."  

Kamelia Kids Parent - March 2022

"I felt completely supported by all of the staff and management at Kamelia Kids Day Nursery & Beach School when my 7 month old started with them 4 days a week. They made a very emotional and stressful time for me and my daughter a delight. My daughter is now 1 year old and she is thriving. The communication from the team on a daily basis is excellent it feels like home from home for my daughter."  

Kamelia Kids Parent - May 2021

"Kamelia Kids is a great nursery! The building is fantastic as they have lots of large open spaces all on 1 level. They have a sensory room and garden which my boys love. All of the staff are amazing, they are all very caring and you can see that they love what they do. They are always happy to help with last-minute additional sessions.
I recommend this nursery to everyone."   

Kamelia Kids Parent - May 2021

"We absolutely love all the team at Kamelia who take such good care of our son. The team in Daisy room are so kind and are always on hand to offer me advice. Since my child has been attending Kamelia, he has come on leaps and bounds in development and personality which is fantastic to see!!"  

Kamelia Kids Parent - March 2022



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