Trowels & Spades Needed

Are you a local hero...can you help us?

We need HELP to transform our nursery garden.  Some of our children have sensory processing disorders and tend to have extreme reactions to sensory stimulation in that they are either stimulated too much or too little.

Having a sensory garden will be very therapeutic for those children who suffer from sensory problems.

The garden will be used as a calming place and in a gentle way will help stimulate their senses, encouraging them to touch, smell, taste and generally interact with the environment around them.  If you can help transform our garden - please call us on 01903 504077 or pop in and speak to us.  We would love to see you!

Kamelia Kids Day Nursery & Beach School
Wellesley Avenue
Goring by Sea
West Sussex
BN12 4PN