Admissions Policy

Policy Statement  

This policy outlines our approach to nursery, breakfast and after school club admissions, our admissions criteria, and our plans for offering funded childcare in a sustainable and inclusive manner.  
We operate an inclusion and equality policy and ensure that all children have access to nursery places and services irrespective of their gender, race, disability, religion or belief or sexual orientation of parents. 
At Kamelia Kids we care for children between the ages of 0-6 years.  The numbers and ages of children admitted to the nursery must comply with the legal space requirements as determined by Ofsted.  Other considerations taken into account in deciding which child can be offered a place in the nursery are:    

Prior to a child attending nursery, parents must complete and sign a registration form and provide proof of a child’s ID e.g. birth certificate or passport.  
There is a non-refundable registration fee of *£75 (excluding funded only children), payable on booking a nursery place. If siblings are registered with us at the same time and attend the same sessions, we will only charge one initial registration fee.

A deposit fee of *£100 per child will be charged unless the child is accessing Funded Entitlement (FE) sessions only.  The deposit will be deducted from the final invoice ince fees have been confirmed that they are up to date.

*Subject to periodic review
We offer a flexible settling procedure to meet the child’s needs. We may also offer a home visit to help your child bond with their key person.  
Government Funded Places  

All funded sessions are in line with the flexible arrangement as specified by the Government. When you register your child for their funded place, we will discuss your needs and, as far as possible with availability and staffing arrangements, we will accommodate your wishes.  

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