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    Although all parents need at least a little support at some time in their lives, it can still be tough adjusting to leaving your child in the care of others, and even tougher trusting that they’re getting genuinely cared for, kept in a safe environment and having their developmental needs met. The safety and care of your child is our prime objective which we take extremely seriously; our responsibility is the welfare and well-being of all children in our care. We ensure that every step within the nursery is taken to guarantee their safety and security and we do all we can to provide an environment where you feel fully protected without making children feel closed in or intimidated.

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    We use a key person approach. The key person who will spend time getting to know children as individuals, and with you as parents. We recognise every child's individuality, efforts and achievements and believe that relationships between adults and children are crucial for the child's happiness and security. The Key Person approach gives every child the reassurance to feel secure and cared for, helping them to become familiar with the nursery environment and to feel confident and safe within it. They are in the best position to understand your child's individual needs and to share information with you about your child's experiences in nursery. They will help you make the transition from home to nursery and will spend time with you each day to keep the knowledge of your child up to date; they will carry out assessments and will constantly ensure that our activities and learning programmes are being enjoyed and understood; after all, no two children are the same! Your child's key person will be the person who works with you to make sure that what we provide is tailored to meet your child’s individual needs and engaging and supporting you as parents/carers in guiding your child’s development at home and helping you to engage with more specialist support if appropriate.


Parents - Working Together

Recognizing the importance of positive child development, staff at Kamelia Kids work with parents and carers to ensure that families' needs are met. 

Communication is essential

At Kamelia Kids, we make time to talk at the beginning and end of each day, parents will receive first-hand information about their child's day either verbally, in writing or through photographs.
We hold a regular Parent’s Forum meeting, where we bring together parents and staff are able to share ideas and explore different ways of working together to achieve the best outcomes for their children.

Early Years Foundation Stage Principles

We are committed to the principles and practice of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework - this is the national statutory guidance and framework for working with children from birth to five. The framework sets the standards that all early years providers must meet to ensure that children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe. It promotes teaching and learning to ensure children’s school readiness and gives children the broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for good future progress through school and life.

Staff at Kamelia Kids, are dedicated to giving your child the best opportunities to develop these skills and knowledge across all areas of learning.


Learning is Fun

‘Play is an important centre of learning for young children’ www.keap.org.uk/documents/LearningPlayingInteracting.pdf

At Kamelia Kids a range of experiences are provided with good educational value preparing children for school, but at the same time ensuring that they have lots of fun!


The staff team at Kamelia Kids is degree led with highly skilled professional and caring staff who plan a range of exciting learning activities ensuring that, whatever their age, children develop in each of the following prime areas of learning and development:


  • communication and language
  • physical development
  • personal, social and emotional development


In prepartion for school, staff at Kamelia Kids use these prime areas to underpin learning and development in four further specific areas, as required by the Early Years Foundation Stage framework for children aged 0-5 years:


  • literacy
  • mathematics
  • understanding of the world
  • expressive arts and design


Based on regular discussions with parents and our own informal observations as they play, our nursery staff plan activities that take children to their next stage of development, ensuring that the individual needs of each child are being met.


We encourage a free flow of play from inside to outside wherever practical; we allow children to benefit from fresh air throughout the day.

Accessing your Child’s Record.

Records and reports on every child are kept which list their activites and special achievements. Copies of their work along with photographic evidence is available for parents to see. Learning Journals are a great keepsake of children's early years, which can often be passed on to primary schools.

Our Policies

We believe that an open access Policy is the best way of encouraging participation. Parents/carers are welcome to view our Policies and Procedures document, which governs the way in which the Nursery works at any time when the Nursery is open...

Complaints & Suggestions Policy


My son 14 months old started there in January! They are absolutely amazing... brilliant with the kids and brilliant with parents! I was super anxious about leaving him and they really helped calm me and make me feel at ease! I really feel they genuinely care about the children.
- Kamelia Kids parent
My daughter is 2.5 and has been going since she was 8months. They are brilliant! She has such a good time. The staff are amazing and so lovely. They are really helpful when you’re settling in and so understanding. They’ve put up with my sobbing on many occasions! My second little one is due to start in June. Her development has been awesome and I put a lot of that down to them.
Kamelia Kids parent
My kids are 2 and 4 and attend there. My 2yr old is thriving. She didn't say much when she started, can’t shut her up now. Talking, signing, wanting to play more, they're so good with her. My son loves it too, he gets to play outside and go in the soft play almost every day. He made friends there so quickly too.
Kamelia Kids Parent

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