Our Vision

Learning begins from birth and high quality early education and care has the potential to make an important and positive impact on the learning, devlopment and wellbeing of babies and young children, in their daily lives and the longer term. At Kamelia Kids, we truly believe that all children have the right to be; listened to, understood and given the time and opportunity to develop as individuals to be creative, competent learners in a secure, caring and inspiring environment.

Our Promise

Our promise is to provide the highest quality early education and care to meet your child’s interests and needs. The personal development, education and safety of your child is our prime objective.

Our Facilities

Kamelia Kids Day Nursery caters for children of ALL abilities. We provide flexible affordable childcare for 51 weeks per year from 8am to 6pm with breakfast and after school clubs.

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We are enrolling now for September 2019.   

We are committed to early years education by ensuring that every child has the opportunity to grow and learn within a safe and stimulating environment.

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Ofsted inspects and regulates all educational establishments in order to achieve excellence in the care of children and young people, and in education and skills for learners of all ages.  We are delighted with our Ofsted report following their inspection of the nursery on 4 Oct 18. In particular, we have been praised for our close parent/carer partnerships, our caring, positive and nurturing environment, our assessment and monitoring of children’s progress in learning and our tailored support for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities.


Ofsted rated our nursery as “Good” in all areas:

• Effectiveness of the leadership and management;

• Quality of teaching, learning and assessment;
• Personal development, behaviour & welfare;
• Outcomes for Children and
• Overall effectiveness.


The full report is now available to view on the Ofsted website on the following link:






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Kamelia Kids 2019
Open 51 weeks of the year...
We are a fully integrated and inclusive day nursery open from 8.00am until 6.00 pm Monday to Friday, 51 weeks a year (except Bank Holidays).
Our 2019 Christmas closure dates are Wed 25 Dec 19 – Wed 1 Jan 20 inclusive.

Our Local Offer Questions and Answers

All children who attend Kamelia Kids are allocated a key person. This person gets to know our children very quickly and if there is a concern regarding a child we would first of all raise it with the child’s parents in a discussion, or the parents could raise their concerns with us in the same way. Parental input is very much invited and valued. Staff and parents would work together to help the child. If the child needs additional help to that which is available to all children then initially a meeting is set up with parents to discuss the child’s needs when they start at the setting. Progress checks are carried out when the children turn two years old to identify gaps in children’s learning and development. A plan is sometimes made of activities that would help the child, drawing on the child’s interests and the discussions with parents. This initial plan is known as a` Play Plan’. Your child’s key person would produce this with the support of the Inclusion and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator’s (INCO/SENCO) for Early Years.

This really depends on the needs of your child. When the play-plan is written all staff working with your child will be aware of their particular needs but the child’s key person would have responsibility to ensure the play plan is carried out. The plan could indicate the support your child needs throughout the day within several areas or specific daily/weekly sessions focusing on particular needs.

We regularly review the plan for each child in consultation with parents (every six weeks/half of term) to see if it is still needed or if the needs have changed in anyway. The INCO/SENCO and key person will meet with parents to review the child together and decide on the best course of, action for the next half term. Progress of each individual is tracked in the child’s Learning Journal and this is reviewed termly to ensure progress.

Regular observations and assessments take place within each class which gives key persons the information they need about a particular child. This information feeds into the planned activities for each individual. Each key person will ensure that the individual interests and abilities are catered for by using a document called `Next Steps’ which we share regularly with parents so they can support at home. This is where the key person sets individual targets for each child which will be worked on within class. If necessary a child would then have a play plan drawn up (as mentioned above) which will be reviewed after six weeks/half termly basis. If after two play plans there are still concerns about a child an `Individual Education Plan’ (IEP) will be written.

The child’s individual progress is tracked on the Individual Progress Review in each child’s journal and progress is checked termly. Any concerns will be discussed with parents and with the SENCO/INCO when a play plan or Individual Education Plan is written.

We are always happy to discuss children’s progress or concerns with parents and indeed feel this is beneficial for everyone concerned. Parents are welcome to look at their child’s journal whenever they like. Everyday there are informal discussions with parents if they desire and if more time is needed then an appointment can be made to discuss progress. As mentioned above the Individual Education Plan is shared with parents and reviewed termly. Throughout the year we offer various parent’s evening for parents, with parent’s consultations and curriculum overview meetings.

Children’s wellbeing is one of Kamelia Kids core values. As a nursery we pride ourselves on our kindness to each other and this is embedded in our ethos. Personal, Social and Emotional Development forms part of our daily routine providing the children with the opportunity to share and discuss concerns and celebrate successes. The nursery has numerous policies to support child wellbeing.

These include: Equal Opportunities and Inclusion, Health and Safety, Behaviour Management and a host of Safeguarding policies. Staff in the EYFS are Paediatric First Aiders and will assist the individual in the best way possible.

All our Early Years staff are graduate lead, most are qualified Early Year Practitioners (NVQ3 or equivalent minimum) and include an INCO/SENCO which is overseen by the Nursery Manager. The nursery has links with external agencies to provide services such as speech and language therapy.

Our SENCO/INCO is experienced and trained and attends regular update meetings. Our staff are also trained in health and safety, food hygiene, fire safety, manual handling, Makaton, team teach positive behaviour management, child protection and alternative communication systems e.g. pecs, key persons also have additional training appropriate to specific needs of the child and shares this with the wider group e.g. ASC.

If a child has Special Educational Needs and Disabilities a conversation will be had with the child’s parents regarding any forthcoming activities or local outing. Depending on the need of the individual, a plan will be made based on that discussion and a full risk assessment will be undertaken, taking all the children into account.

Our setting is purpose built and equipped for children with special educational and disabilities needs i.e. Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, Autism, Epilepsy and many other conditions including Social Needs. Our setting is purpose built for wheelchair access and all facilities are on ground level. All toilets are assessable for wheelchairs and doors are wide.

To accommodate parents who do not have English as a first language, we would procure the services of an interpreter if possible or some cases another parent. We also have two members of staff trained in British Sign Language, and all staff are trained in Makaton. We have specialist equipment in the nursery to help children with SEND. If a child requires more specific equipment this would be obtained through a therapist or the First Team. We will work closely with the family and therapists to enable us to identify any specific needs for the child.

When the child is about to move on to school the child’s teacher from the school usually visit them at our setting. They will meet the child and collate information from the keyworker before attending school. The key person and child may visit the school, look around and talk to the teacher to exchange information on the child to ensure smooth progression with development. Transition is closely monitored and reviewed termly throughout our nursery.

Our nursery is equipped with a range of specialist early years’ resources to support the children’s learning needs. If additional specialist needs are identified these will be looked into on an individual basis by the child’s key person.

Next steps are identified for all children in all areas of learning. Where additional needs are identified then a play-plan is written. This is reviewed half-termly by the key persons, INCO/SENCO and parents. After two half terms an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is written if support is still needed. This IEP will be reviewed every half term.

How can I be involved? Parents can speak informally with practitioners on a daily basis at drop off and pick up time. Through this dialogue parents are aware of the learning taking place and can continue this at home. Additional meetings can be booked should more time be needed. Parent consultations and parent meetings provide additional opportunities to share and discuss your child’s setting. There is a Parents forum which meets termly with the Nursery Manager.

For children interested in joining our nursery, queries should be directed to our Nursery Manager Rachel Martini in the first instance.


My son 14 months old started there in January! They are absolutely amazing... brilliant with the kids and brilliant with parents! I was super anxious about leaving him and they really helped calm me and make me feel at ease! I really feel they genuinely care about the children.
- Kamelia Kids parent
My daughter is 2.5 and has been going since she was 8months. They are brilliant! She has such a good time. The staff are amazing and so lovely. They are really helpful when you’re settling in and so understanding. They’ve put up with my sobbing on many occasions! My second little one is due to start in June. Her development has been awesome and I put a lot of that down to them.
Kamelia Kids parent
My kids are 2 and 4 and attend there. My 2yr old is thriving. She didn't say much when she started, can’t shut her up now. Talking, signing, wanting to play more, they're so good with her. My son loves it too, he gets to play outside and go in the soft play almost every day. He made friends there so quickly too.
Kamelia Kids Parent

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